Friday, July 4, 2014

Black screen problem in KMPlayer

I faced a strange problem in kmpalyer last month. I can hear audio but video was not appearing in screen. Screen was black.

So I searched for solution in google and found out this setting that can definitely fix this problem, If you are also facing this problem it will help you to solve your problem. You have to follow both the steps.

1.Go to kmp and right-click -> Video advanced -> Video renderer and select VMR9 Renderless, EVR or EVR C/A.

2.Go to kmp and Preferences (F2) -> Video processing -> General tab and select Condition -> Always use.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Wamp or Xampp in Windows 8

Few weeks ago I was in a dilemma what to use for testing web app and php codes in my pc. I have downloaded 32 bit version of wamp and tried to install it but after installation the localhost folder was inaccessible from browser.
It has some compatibility issue with IPv6.

Well there were some solution available on internet but I thought I should try Xampp first. After uninstalling Wamp I installed Xampp and I was very impressed by it.
So I recommend Xampp over Wamp. Well it is bigger than Wamp in fill size but you should give it a try.

If you are comfortable with Wamp then its ok after all it’s a matter of personal choice.
Both of these can be used for same purpose ie local web server and both are capable of running Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and other CMS as well.

You can download Xampp from

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Black Screen problem in Windows 8 after booting.

When I upgraded my system from windows 7 to windows 8. I installed avast anti virus for protection but one day after boot scan I was not able to use my computer because of black screen. I rebooted many times but the result was the same.
Then I found one solution on web and it solves that problem. I am sharing that solution with you.

If you are using Windows 8 and facing black screen problem after booting because of avast boot scan,here is a solution.

Press ctrl+alt+del and choose task manager, you can also do it by pressing ctrl+shift+Esc. Go to startup tab in Task manager and right-click your avast Antivirus there and choose Open file location. A window will open , click on AvastUI which will take you to avast user interface. Now you have to navigate through

Security >Behavior Shield > Settings. and click on Trusted Processes in the avast user interface. Add the following 2 files by browsing them to this paths 

” C:\Windows\explorer.exe ” and ” C:\Windows\ImmersiveControlPanel\SystemSettings.exe “.

That's it,now reboot your computer.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Google Reader is shutting down

Our favourite Google Reader will shut down from 1 July,2013. Download your RSS subscriptions from Google takeout .

Well there are other rss readers that you can try. Like Netvibes ,Newsblur or desktop rss readers Thunderbird,  FeedDemon .

Personally I am using Feedly but you have to install browser extension to use this. It also has android  app.
Try whatever you think is best according to your needs.

Happy Reading :)